Now, my heart belongs to Abdul Hafiz Bin Abdul Hadi ♕
Dear Hafiz, I miss you a lot of love. Do you miss me? Only Allah knows how much I miss you, and I wish we can meet. But, how long to wait? Dear bie? We just have one monthsarry and we never celebrating our anniversarry :( When dear? Thanks for being my lover, my boyfriend, my bestfriends, my arm, my heart, my good listener, good adviser & the best fiance ;'> You're my everything :'> Please do to know that. Im missing you, definitely bie :( Along time I waiting ~ And how long?

For the 2nd, I wanna say sorry for the date we Promises to meet :'( Its all my fault. Just blaming me. Ya, Im stupid girl. I let you to waiting me a lonnnnnnnnnng time at One Utama (1 hours half). Im so sorry. Unexpert tragedy begin. Im sooooo soooo sorry :'( I have to cancel our date. I make some trouble. I make you crying, i make you tired, i make your tim wasting just bcoz meeeeeee :'\ Please punish me ! I dont know how to say what, till now i cant forgive my self. Serious. For this time, and right now, dont make promises with me.

Rindu I makin mendalam you :( Berapa lama lagi ni? Ya Allah, kesian nyaaaa hafiz :( Nevermind, its all TEST from Allah SWT untuk uji kita. Ni lah dugaan. I'll love you foreva as I can before this :'> You must strong k dear hafiz :> P/s: ILOVEYOUSOMUCH, remember the word you says :'> "Sudikah Engkau Menjadi Isteriku?'' :'> *crying happy++
Bye Bye